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The following companies have used and/or continue to use Cryojets.

Firstly, it doesn't matter how you spell it...Cryojet, Cryo Jet or Cryo-Jet, it's all the same divice.   Cryojets tuiolize proven air impoingement to cool products 2-10 times faster than natural conve3ction.  They are typically installed directly above a coonveyor belt, approximately 1" above the product being conveyed.

The Cryojet draws ambient air through the fan and projects (expells? blows?) an array of air columns that are directed at the product requuiring cooling.  Air velocity ranges between 2500-3000 feet per minute.

The natural insulating boundary layer around the product is efficiently removed by the high speed air, effecting rapid cooling.

Cryojet Plenums and most hardware is constructed of stainless steel.  Fan blades are constructed with your choice of cast aluminum, stainless steel or composite.  Motors are also available in your choice of single phase or 3-phase.   We can sassist in the selection of the correct fan and motor for your application.

Most applications require more than one Cryojet. Also, temperature reduction of your unique product is best accomplished by actual product testing.  Contact us today so we may schedule product testing on our Cryojet Test Stand.  Click the link below or call us at 817-808-7251.

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